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by Bob Woodward Wow! What a fascinating, shocking, and terrifying book Bob Woodward has given us. I’ve never been particularly political before this President’s term. Because of the protests, police brutality, Q Anon, Antifa, BLM, Coronavirus, lockdowns, masks, no masks, deaths, unemployment, Russia, China, North Korea, and a deliberate President-induced earthquake between “red” and “blue”… Continue reading Rage

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4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace

By Johan Twiss Aaron, a twelve-year-old boy, contracts a rare form of meningitis that leaves him unable to move or communicate. It appears to the outside world that he is in a coma with no brain function.  His parents place him in a retirement home for his care, but their guilt and belief that Aaron… Continue reading 4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace

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Holy Gillian Flynn Ms Pinborough

Remember how you felt when you got to the end of the movie Sixth Sense? Or how mind-blown you were after reading Gone Girl (or anything Gillian Flynn)? I love it when I am completely surprised at the end of a book. This novel takes you on a journey with Louise, Adele, and David -… Continue reading Holy Gillian Flynn Ms Pinborough

Halloween Month

What’s Your Favorite Horror Story?

The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock is one of the scariest movies I've seen. Last night I went to my local Walmart here in Forney, Texas, and this is what I found. Birds. I like birds - a lot - one at a time. There were birds on the ground, birds on the cars, birds lining… Continue reading What’s Your Favorite Horror Story?