Feeling Old in an Age of Technology

At fifty years old, I thought myself to be up-to-date, computer literate, able to use a cell phone with one hand. When I watch my daughter and others her age use the phone as a keyboard, I realize that I am really in the dark ages and getting darker all the time. I’ve heard about blogs but the thought that they might become an important part of business life never occurred to me. Blogs, podcasts, RSS, discussion threads… I feel like I’m on another planet. My goal for the coming year is to be able to text messages without having to drag out the reading glasses and typing each individual letter… that’s so yesterday (just like that comment.) My daughter uses the feature that automagically guesses what you are trying to type and types it for you. My words end up looking like my fingers were on the wrong keys on a typewriter (I can remember when the latest technology was the correction tape key on an IBM Selectric)! I remember having to program my parent’s VHS player for them and set up their voice mail. Now I feel like I AM my parents. I have to rely on my kids to keep me functioning in a technology-filled world. It’s the Fourth of July so I’m leaving now to go pop firecrackers while I still know how!

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