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Cross Her Heart by Sarah Pinborough

WOW – Fantastic Book – and I’ve discovered a new author I can’t wait to BINGE read.

Have you ever found an author you love – immediately binge-read ALL his or her books – and then have withdrawals because there is nothing to do but wait for a new one? As a George R. R. Martin fan – that can sometimes be quite a while.

I just read Lisa Scottoline’s new book, Feared, and Karin Slaughter’s just released, Pieces of Her. These ladies are two of my favorites, and I have read most if not all their books. When I finish one, I hate it because I don’t know where to turn for an equally excellent read.

Holy cow! I found a new author to love, AND she has a ton of books just waiting for me to read. I’m talking about Sarah Pinborough. I won a free early audiobook copy of Cross Her Heart from Harper Audio, read by Antonia Beamish. I’m hooked.

The story revolves around Lisa and her teenaged daughter Ava. Lisa is a regular mom, maybe a little over-protective mom who would like to have a close relationship with her teenaged daughter. Ava is a typical teenager who wants to spread her wings and break away from her mother’s watchful eye. Lisa works at PK Recruitment, a company where her best-friend Marilyn also works. As the story begins, Lisa is about to close a lucrative business deal for her company. There is a little twist when the owner of said “lucrative business” has more than a business interest in Lisa.

There are so many twists and turns to this story. Filled with secrets, lies, love, and revenge, this is a non-stop, adventure ride to satisfy any thriller-reader’s dream.

Pinborough skillfully weaves an intricate storyline that goes from zero to speed of light in the first few chapters. Her well-executed character development and engaging and sometimes unexpected storylines kept me eager to learn more. I love books that keep me speculating – and this one did. Pinborough reveals the plot like someone peeling an onion, one revealing layer at a time.

The narration was well done – and I’ll admit, I especially adore listening to narrators with a lovely English accent such as Antonia Beamish has.

I thoroughly enjoyed this audiobook and am now in the middle of another Pinborough book, A Matter of Blood, the first in a series of three, which I will review soon. I highly recommend that you read Cross Her Heart – especially if you like the psychological thriller genre.


*Thank you Harper Audio for my free early release audiobook copy*


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