Halloween Month

What’s Your Favorite Horror Story?

The Birds of Walmart

The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock is one of the scariest movies I’ve seen. Last night I went to my local Walmart here in Forney, Texas, and this is what I found. Birds.

I like birds – a lot – one at a time. There were birds on the ground, birds on the cars, birds lining the roof of Walmart, and birds flocking into the sky – only to return – looking for a place to park.

A Walmart employee was walking away from the store to gather rogue shopping carts when several swooped down on him. Birds, not shopping carts. He ran screaming from the parking lot – I mean, he looked at me with knowing eyes . . . we had a brief mind-meld-moment where the voice in his head told the voice in mine – “This is the apocalypse.”

What are your favorite scary books or movies… Go!

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