What's The Buzz


By Megan Goldin

This book has everything I like in a book: multiple trails to follow, good character development, a merging of paths, and a satisfying ending.

Hannah’s 16-year old sister died. It was a murder, though officially classified as an accidental drowning.  Shortly after her sister, Jenny’s death, Hannah’s mother also died. Twenty-five years later, Hannah finds a non-traditional relationship with Rachel to help bring the murderer to justice.

Rachel is the host of a crime podcast, Guilty or Not Guilty. She enjoys the anonymity of the podcast. People may know her voice, but what Rachel looks like remains a mystery on purpose because there are no pictures of her on the website. Comforting, because although she is well-known, people can’t pick her out of a crowd.

Rachel is on her way to Neapolis to cover the trial of a homegrown young man accused of rape. This accusation has virtually destroyed his reputation and ended his college and professional swimming dreams. On the way to Neapolis, Rachel stops to grab a bite, but when she gets back to her car, there is a note under her windshield wiper from Hannah. Rachel is uncomfortable. How did Hannah know that she would be at this hole-in-the-wall when Rachel herself had no idea she would stop here. Thus, Rachel and Hannah’s connection begins.

So many loose ends – about the rape case and the 25-year old murder. Follow Rachel through small-town Neapolis on a quest to find the truth and the one key witness.

I read until late into the night and finished it the next day. I might have finished it sooner, but I fell asleep with the book in my hand.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was an exciting storyline and a page-turner. Thank you #NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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