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Too Good To Be True

Too Good to Be True

By Carola Lovering

After reading the first few chapters, I thought – oh my gosh – this is going to be another “Gone Girl.” It did take me from one drastic turn to the next almost until the end.

Heather, Burke, and Skye are the main characters. Each has had a tragic event in their life. Each, in their own way, is broken.

Heather’s mom dies when she is twelve years old, her father all but vanishes from her life, and now she is a high-school student trying to raise her five-year-old brother, Gus. She begins babysitting a little boy named Nate to bring in some much-needed money. Thus begins a friendship with Nate’s mom, Libby, who has a life-long influence over Heather. Some good, some not so good.

Burke is a handsome young man who has some bad habits and might not be the best fit for Heather, but he is the one who has been there for her through her mother’s death and dealing with her day-to-day life. Burke’s dad is in prison, and his mother left. Burke and Heather only have each other – and they created their version of a family.

Libby and her husband have lots of money, and Libby is generous with Heather, helping her get into college and becoming a blend of a mother, sister, and friend. Libby inspires Heather in every way. Until she doesn’t. Something happens that changes everything; for Heather, Libby, and Burke.

Jump ahead a few years where we meet Skye. She is a young, beautiful girl. She too has a lot of money. And she has a problem. Her OCD affects every aspect of her life, her love-life in particular.

The author weaves together the stories of Heather, Burke, and Skye. Like a spider’s web, she pulls you into the story – you think you know what is happening, only to discover you are wrong. At times I loved Heather, then hated her. I hated Burke most of the time because of the stupid things he does, but there were moments of weirdly rooting for him. Skye is the only one I truly cared about throughout the book.

The bows are all neatly tied at the end of the book; however, I was secretly hoping for one last big mic-drop moment from Skye that didn’t come.

I want to thank #NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for the ARC of “Too Good To Be True”  in exchange for my honest review. This book will be released on March 2, 2021.

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