Byline Bible: Get Published in Five Weeks by Susan Shapiro

Byline Bible Cover

This is the holy grail for writers who want step-by-step instructions on getting published

The Byline Bible by Susan Shapiro is the icing on the proverbial creative-writing-cake. I’m three courses away from completing a master’s degree in creative writing, and the timing for finding this book could not have been better. I got a “Sneak Peek” from BookishFirst.

Shapiro is funny and straight to the point. After reading the first twenty-nine pages, I can’t wait to start writing a nonfiction essay so that I can test the methods in the book for getting published. She gives a step-by-step explanation of what topics to try, where to submit your work, who will pay, who will publish quickly, and more.

I’ve got ideas simmering already and feel like Shapiro is the cheerleader rooting me on. I encourage any writer who wants to get published to get this book.

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